A 20 year old writer, under the pseudonym Sophie Mariff, aims to write about experiences regarding experiences, life and philosophy. She has written a full-length novel online and is working towards publishing it on paper.

Residing in Australia, she is also an aspiring activist, humanitarian and philanthropist. Currently, she is sponsoring a child from Uganda under non-profit organisation World Vision, to help children from ages 1 to 13 receive basic rights as children. She actively supports activist organisations such as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, National Geographic, UN Refugee and Greenpeace.

One of her biggest dreams to achieve would be to be a spokesperson for an activist organisation.

Her favourite book authors are Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho, and American Young Adult authors Beth Revis and Lauren Oliver. Her favourite novels are The Pilgrimage, Across the Universe and Delirium respectively.

Sophie’s travels will also be documented under the “Adventures” tab on her page, in which she travels to places and meet people from all walks of life.

Follow sophiemariff.com to stay updated with her adventures.


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